Elton Dies at the End: “Love & Monsters”

Wow…It’s almost been 2 years since this blog has seen a post. I bet you thought I’d died. Nope. After all, dying is reserved for the Doctor

Anyway, if all goes to plan, you’ll be seeing this post a lot later than I started it. I’m going to write all of this season’s articles out and THEN start posting them. That way, I have a back log of articles written and will not need to rush to finish on a certain day. But we’re back. Yes…We’re back. Finally…

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve come to an episode that falls under a category I’d like to call “Doctor-Lite”. A “Doctor-Lite” episode is an episode where the Doctor is not a prominently featured character, and therefore doesn’t give me a lot of ammo to work with when deciding how he’ll die. In episodes like these, I will take the character most integral to the Doctor’s success and see how the episode might have ended had THEY died instead. So, without further ado, I present…Elton Dies at the End.

Cause of Death

Elton Pope, a man obsessed with finding the Doctor joins a group named L.I.N.D.A. which was designed to do just that. After a while, a man named Victor Kennedy appears and brings them closer than ever before to finding the Doctor.

But then people from the group start disappearing.

As L.I.N.D.A.’s numbers slowly dwindle, it comes to light that Victor Kennedy is not who he says he is. He’s actually an alien creature knows as an Abzorbaloff, and his goal is to find the Doctor for “the ultimate feast”.

He’s been absorbing the members of L.I.N.D.A. and intends to absorb Elton next…

Now, in the episode, Elton’s search for the Doctor leads him to Jackie Tyler, Rose’s mother. He befriends her, and something more starts to develop between the two. But before it can fully blossom, Jackie finds a picture of Rose in Elton’s jacket pocket. She quickly  (and wrongly) assumes that Elton is only after her for her connection to the Doctor, and throws him out.

This later prompts Rose to find Elton with the help of the Doctor so she can confront him. This happens just as Elton is about to be attacked by the Abzorbaloff, so the Doctor’s timely appearance spared him.

But…What if the Doctor hadn’t shown up?

Reason for Death

So let’s assume the Doctor never showed up to save Elton. Why?

Well, after L.I.N.D.A.’s efforts to locate the Doctor end up fruitless, Victor Kennedy tells the group to target Rose Tyler, the Doctor’s companion. If they can find her, they can find the Doctor.

Elton asks around town if anyone knows Rose Tyler, using a picture he has of her. Eventually, someone does recognize her and points him in the direction of Rose’s home, where he meets Jackie.


London is a fairly large city, filled with plenty of people. It’s reasonable to assume that Elton could very well not come across someone who knows Rose Tyler. The fact that he does is pure coincidence. So if we work off the assumption that he never meets Jackie, the Doctor’s arrival becomes less likely.

Because if he never meets Jackie, Jackie never tells Rose about Elton.

And if Jackie never tells Rose about Elton, Rose has no reason to confront him.

And if Rose has no reason to confront him, the Doctor has no reason to appear.

And if the Doctor doesn’t appear? Well…

Place of Death

Elton is alone in the room with the Abzorbaloff. He’s already absorbed Ursula, Elton’s friend, and now he’s closing in.

“Please, no!” Elton please with the creature. “Leave me alone! Let me go!”

“Now, Elton,” it responds, “you know I can’t do that. Not no that you’ve seen too much.”

Elton continues to back away, but feels his back hit something solid. A wall. No…

He presses himself against the cold concrete as the Abzorbaloff’s grotesque figure draws closer, its bare feet making disgusting noises as they slap against the cement floor.

This is it…With one touch, Elton will be absorbed. He will cease to exist in his own body, and instead will become a part of this creature’s being.

But even as he realizes this he feels strangely calm…He knows it’ll be alright, somehow. He’ll be with Ursula. Sweet, beautiful Ursula. She’s waiting for him.

And he can’t wait to see her again…

What Happens to Earth

This is a tricky one…See, Elton’s death doesn’t really affect anything at all. There’s no major threat to the planet in this episode unless you count the Abzorbaloff. But the Doctor could have encountered him later on and stopped him then. As much as the Doctor matters to Elton, Elton means nothing to the Doctor.

So…Maybe Earth survives. Maybe we live on. Who knows?

Something else might just get to the Doctor further down the line, and then? We probably won’t be so lucky.

But it’s to be expected. The Doctor is our lifeline. If he goes, we go.

And we went. All because The Doctor Died at the End.

Join me next time when we take a look at “Fear Her”, the only episode standing between us and the two-part Series Two finale.


The Doctor Dies at the End: “The Satan Pit”

Hey guys. Wow, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I know I royally screwed up with the whole “Week of Posts thing”, but I’m doing away with the schedule and releasing a post for this whenever I can. It’ll be more often, but it won’t be on any promised day, since it seems whenever I make a promise like that, I always fail at some point…I’m super sorry about the delay. I’ve also been trying to work on a video series of these posts, but…Let’s try to get this done, eh?

Anyway, here’s how I think “The Satan Pit” would go if The Doctor Died at the End.

Cause of Death

Okay, so the Doctor is being lowered to the bottom of the pit that was found at the center of The Impossible Planet. The cable reaches its length, and there’s still a drop down into the pit. There’s no telling how long it is, because all the Doctor can see is a seemingly endless expanse of darkness. It could be ten feet until the end…it could be ten thousand. There’s no way of telling. Not a single one.

Well…That’s a lie. There is one way.

“No!” Ida protests. “I’m pulling you back up!”

The Doctor stops her, and manages to convince her that the best course of action is to let him go. So the Doctor starts to undo his harness, and finally…He lets go.

And the darkness swallows the Doctor…

Reason for Death

The Doctor becomes aware suddenly and painfully. He lifts up his head and looks around, before standing up and dusting himself off. He made it down alive.

“Ida?” he calls out. No answer.

“I’m breathing. Air cushion to support the fall. You can breath down here, Ida. Can you hear me, Ida?” Still no response. In the distance, he hears a rocket take off. Did Rose escape? Is she safe?

Comforted by the fact that he can breathe, he makes his way forward. He stops dead when he comes to a lit chamber. Before him stands an enormous creature he’d never expected to see in all his lives.

The Devil.

Gathering all the courage he has, the Doctor addresses the monstrous creature.

“I accept that you exist. I don’t have to accept what you are, but you’re physical existence, I’ll give you that. I don’t understand. I was expected down here. I was given a safe landing and air. You need me for something. What for? Have I got to, I don’t know, beg an audience? Or is there a ritual? Some sort of incantation or summons or spell? All these things I don’t believe in, are they real? Speak to me! Tell me! You won’t talk. Or you can’t talk. Oh, hold on, wait a minute, just let me. Oh! No. Yes! No. Think it through. You spoke before. I heard your voice. An intelligent voice. No, more than that. Brilliant. But, looking at you now, all I can see is Beast. The animal. Just the body. You’re just the body, the physical form. What’s happened to your mind, hmm? Where’s it gone? Where’s that intelligence? Oh, no.”

The Doctor slowly realizes what’s been going on. The consciousness of the Devil has escaped, and is now running around on surface level in someone’s body. The people up there, and perhaps more importantly, Rose, are are in danger. He looks to his left, then his right, and sees two urns on either side of him, sitting atop a pedestal. He walks over to one and picks it up.

“You’re imprisoned, long time ago. Before the universe, after, sideways, in between, doesn’t matter. The prison is perfect. It’s absolute, it’s eternal. Oh, yes! Open the prison, the gravity field collapses. This planet falls into the black hole! You escape, you die. Brilliant! But that’s just the body. The body is trapped, that’s all. The devil is an idea. In all those civilisations, just an idea. But an idea is hard to kill. An idea could escape. The mind. The mind of the great Beast. The mind can escape! Oh, but that’s it! You didn’t give me air, your jailers did. They set this up all those years ago! They need me alive, because if you’re escaping, then I’ve got to stop you. If I destroy your prison, your body is destroyed. Your mind with it.”

The creature roars a terrible roar, as the Doctor smashes the first urn.

He turns to the second one and stops.

“But then you’re clever enough to use this whole system against me. If I destroy this planet, I destroy the gravity field. The rocket. The rocket loses protection and falls into the black hole. I have to sacrifice Rose.”

The Doctor knows he can’t just let the devil win, and Rose is clever enough to find her way out of this situation, right?

“…So, that’s the trap. Or the test, or the final judgment, I don’t know. But if I kill you, I kill her. Except that implies in this big grand scheme of Gods and Devils that she’s just a victim. But I’ve seen a lot of this universe. I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods, and out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her.”

The Doctor smashes the urn, and the deed is done. The Devil writhes and struggled, but his restraints hold fast. As the planet begins to fall into the black hole, the Doctor starts to worry. Something isn’t right. This is taking too long.

Something has gone horribly wrong…

Place of Death

He runs back away from the chamber and stops when he sees a familiar sight.

“The TARDIS!” He takes a step forward toward it, but the whole planet seems to lurch forward. Losing his balance, the Doctor is thrown to the ground.

“No…Oh, no, no, no!”

The worst has happened. He’s falling into the black hole. He tries to stand, but gravity is not on his side. The TARDIS sits in front of him, just out of reach, door closed. A ship without a captain is just a ship, and a ship can’t sail on its own.

This is it… the Doctor thinks as he lays helplessly on the ground. This is how it ends…

The planet falls into the black hole, along with the ship carrying Rose and the rest of the crew.

They made history. The first people to ever fall inside of a black hole. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Well, they won’t be able to find out.

What Happens to Earth

Well…Nothing, really.

At least…Not yet.

The Devil’s mind and body are destroyed, but so is the savior of Earth at many points in time. Without The Doctor there to stop most of the threats, what chance does Earth have at survival in the future?

The Doctor’s life was tragically cut short before he could truly understand what was going on. This could have been a learning experience for the Time Lord. If this was the Devil, maybe there was a God. Who knows?

Not that it matters much anymore…

But it’s to be expected. The Doctor is our life line. If he goes, we go.

And we went. All because The Doctor Died at the End.

Join me next time when we take a look at the next episode (and often considered to be the worst of New Who), Love and Monsters.


The Doctor Dies at the End: “The Impossible Planet”

Welcome back! Day number two of the full week of The Doctor Dies at the End. Let’s get down to it with today’s episode “The Impossible Planet”.

Cause of Death

In the episode, The Doctor and Rose landed on a space station that’s on a planet suspended before a black hole. Something is stopping the planet from being sucked into the black hole, and the crew of the station are digging to the core of the planet to find out what it is.

However, they’re not alone. When one of the crew members, Toby, is studying an impossibly old language that he believes is the remains of an ancient civilization…He’s confronted by a voice. A very deep, sinister voice.

The devil.

In the episode, he becomes possessed, and the Ood on board the ship start to act up with him.

But…What if Toby wasn’t the one who became possessed? After all, he’s not the only extremely inquisitive mind on board…

In previous episodes, we see the Doctor get excited over things that can’t be explained. When he first sees the impossible writing on the wall, he realizes is must be so old that the TARDIS can’t translate it.

The TARDIS is a time travelling machine. “Old” shouldn’t mean anything to it. So that must mean the writing is from before time itself.

I don’t think The Doctor would just ignore that.

He’s interrupted initially by the Ood, but after that, he didn’t investigate the writing further until he was underneath the planet.

Let’s assume The Doctor decided to investigate a bit more.

Reason for Death

The Doctor finds Toby’s room, and sees he’s studying the language. Hoping he can learn more, the Doctor starts to examine the artifacts.

Doctor. Don’t turn around.

The Doctor lifts his head. Did he just hear a voice?

Don’t look at me.

He did hear a voice. The Doctor concentrated. He didn’t turn around. “Who are you?”

I have so many names.

Intrigued, the Doctor started to turn.

If you look at me, you will die.

“Death never stopped me before…” even as he said this, the Doctor stopped turning. He remained facing front.

I’m behind you, Doctor. I’m right behind you. Don’t look. Don’t look at me. One look and you will die. I’m reaching out, Doctor. I’m so close. Don’t turn around. Oh, I can touch you.

The Doctor whirls around to see…Nothing. No one’s there.

He leaves the room, questions whirling about his brain. There wasn’t anyone there.

Oh, but there was…

Place of Death

The Doctor’s mind slowly gives way to the devil’s influence. He starts destroying everything he once sought to protect. Rose…The crew, the planet…With no one to stop him, he escapes the planet and heads for the rest of the universe.

What Happens to Earth

Finally free from imprisonment and using The Doctor as a vessel, the devil makes his way to the planet called Earth. People know of him there, and those that don’t? They will.

He’s the evilest being around, inside the mind of the cleverest man around…And nothing will stop him.

Nothing can…

And there you have it! “The Impossible Planet” had the Doctor been enslaved by the devil. I wouldn’t call your consciousness being pushed away by another force being “alive”, would you?

Earth meets the man too evil to stay in Heaven. As fire rains on the Earth, those with faith pray and hope that if there’s a devil…There’s also a god that can save them.

But it’s to be expected. The Doctor is our life line. If he goes, we go.

And we went. All because The Doctor Died at the End.

Come back tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23, 2014) for the second half of this two-parter, called “The Satan Pit”!

The Doctor Dies at the End: “The Idiot’s Lantern”

Hello everyone! Are you ready? An entire week of one new “The Doctor Dies at the End” post every day! We kick it off with the episode entitled “The Idiot’s Lantern”.

Cause of Death

In the episode, we see a creature called The Wire steal people’s faces as they watch television. The Wire’s master plan is to feed off all of the electrical impulses of people watching TV at a specific moment. Which moment?

The Coronation.

The Doctor enlists the help of Tommy, a boy who’s grandmother’s face had been stolen by The Wire. They both aim to stop The Wire and return the faces to everyone who had them stolen. Nothing will stop The Doctor, because Rose was one of the victims.

We see him climb to the top of a television tower to stop The Wire from completing it’s task of devouring every face watching the coronation. He plugs a device into The Wire’s portable television set, but down on the ground, something blows. It’s only thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Tommy that the Doctor succeeds. Tommy replaces what blew, and The Wire’s plan fails. The faces are returned, and the day is saved.

But…What if Tommy wasn’t so clever? After all, the Doctor is an expert in technology, but Tommy isn’t. Televisions are just starting to become commonplace in house holds. There’s no reason to believe Tommy would even know what blew and what piece he needed, let alone how to replace it.

So Tommy watches in horror as the Doctor’s plan fails…

Reason for Death

So, the Doctor doesn’t succeed in destroying The Wire. He probably is knocked off of the TV tower and falls. If he somehow manages to survive the fall without needing to regenerate, it’s only a matter of time before The Wire gets to him too…

Place of Death

The Doctor dies in late 1950’s London. There’s no one around to stop The Wire from devouring everyone in the UK…

What Happens to Earth

With the Doctor dead and everyone in the UK eaten, The Wire moves on to another TV set, and enslaves another man. It continues to steal people’s faces. From Europe to Asia. From Asia to Africa. From Africa to Australia, and then to America. Soon enough…The entire world is full of mindless faceless husks of people who USED to be…

But now there is only The Wire…

And there you have it! “The Idiot’s Lantern” had the Doctor’s plan failed. The Wire devours the world, and the planet is left completely mindless.

But it’s to be expected. The Doctor is our life line. If he goes, we go.

And we went. All because The Doctor Died at the End.

Come back tomorrow (Tuesday, May 22, 2014) for another post. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the first part in an interesting two-part episode with “The Impossible Planet”!

To Make Up For The Missed Days…

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve been missing a lot of days recently. So, to make up for this, I will be posting a new “The Doctor Dies at the End” every day for the next week, starting tomorrow. I will resume the normal posting schedule on Monday, April 28, 2014. That will bring us right up to the Series Two finale, Doomsday.

I will try to have them queued and up at the usual time, but if they can’t be up by then, I will have them up sometime during the day.

I apologize for missing days, and hope this will make up for it!


The Doctor Dies at the End: “Age of Steel”

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Last time we took a look at how the Doctor might have died at the hands of the Cybermen in “Rise of the Cybermen”. Well, now it’s time to have a look at what might have happened it he hadn’t succeeded in “Age of Steel”!

Cause of Death

In the episode, the Doctor (with the help of Mickey) manages to get the code that disables the emotional inhibitor in all of the Cybermen. With that gone, they realize what they’ve become. After all, it’s still a human brain inside a metal skull…How would YOU react if you suddenly became aware that you were a robot?

The Cybermen began to go berserk, some exploding, some just failing. As the Cyber factory begins to explode and crumble, the Doctor, Rose, and Pete Tyler are all clinging to a rope ladder hanging from a zeppelin that’s being piloted by Mickey and Jake.

Suddenly, the ladder lurches, as if a ton of extra weight was just put on it. They all look down and see the Cyber-controller John Lumic making his way up the ladder.

The Doctor drops his sonic screwdriver for Pete to catch, and Pete uses it to sever the rope below him. Lumic falls into the exploding factory, and everyone gets away safely.

But…What if Pete didn’t catch the sonic screwdriver?

He’s holding on for dear life to a rope dangling from a zeppelin. It would take some pretty good dexterity and reaction time to catch it as it falls.

Let’s assume Pete doesn’t catch the sonic screwdriver, and the last hope they had plummets to Earth.

Reason for Death

Pete drops the sonic screwdriver, and Lumic continues to climb. As he makes his way up, he shocks and kills anyone he comes in contact with along the way. Soon enough, he’s in the control room, and is able to kill Mickey and Jake, giving him full control of the zeppelin.

Where he takes it is anyone’s guess.

Place of Death

The Doctor dies in a parallel Earth’s version of London. He failed to stop the Cyber-controller, and now that Lumic is free to do what he wants?

What Happens to Earth

Without the Doctor around to stop Lumic, he takes the zeppelin to one of the many cyber factories he mentioned in the episode and begins anew. There’s no one to stop him.

The Age of Steel begins…

And there you have it! How I think “Age of Steel” would have went if the Doctor had died at the end. Lumic succeeds, and Cybermen convert the entire world. Earth becomes less flesh, and more alloy.

But it’s to expected. The Doctor is our life line. If he goes, we go.

And we went. All because The Doctor Died at the End.

Come back on Thursday (April 10, 2014) where I’ll take a look at “The Idiot’s Lantern”!

The Doctor Dies at the End: “Rise of the Cybermen”

Welcome back everyone! On Monday we went over “The Girl in the Fireplace” and now it’s time to take a step into an alternate Earth for “Rise of the Cybermen”!

Let’s get started.

Cause of Death

The Doctor, Mickey and Rose all crash land in a parallel Earth, where everything looks about the same, with a lot of major differences. (Britain has a president, Zeppelins are flying around, and Pete Tyler, Rose’s father, is still alive.)

In a lot of ways, this Earth presents a danger. It seems everyone has these earpieces created by a company called Cybus Industries. John Lumic, the creator of Cybus Industries is pushing for a project’s approval. The project has something to do with taking the brain and placing it inside a metal exoskeleton.

As Lumic puts it in the episode, “The most precious thing on this Earth is the human brain, and yet we allow it to die. But now Cybus Industries has perfected a way of sustaining the brain indefinitely within a cradle of copyrighted chemicals. And the latest advances in synapse research allows cyberkinetic impulses to be bonded onto a metal exoskeleton. This is the ultimate upgrade. Our greatest step into cyberspace.”

The president ultimately refuses this proposal, but Lumic goes ahead with it anyway.

In the episode, we the Rose and The Doctor at a birthday party for this universe’s Jackie Tyler. The Cybermen “crash the party” and begin to create chaos, killing almost everyone. The Doctor, Rose, Pete Tyler, and Mickey (who has found a team that this world’s version of him leads) are all cornered as the Cybermen converge on them.

The Doctor says he surrenders, but the Cybermen aren’t having it. They insist that they will all be deleted.

As the Doctor pleads with them, trying to reason with them…The Cybermen draw ever nearer.

Eventually…They’re right on top of them.

Reason for Death

The Doctor and his companions are deleted with extreme prejudice. With all of the humans out of the way, the Cybermen grip the Doctor with their cold metal hands and send a fatal shock through the Doctor’s body. He dies, but doesn’t have time to regenerate, as the Cybermen jolt him once more and he’s gone for good.

Place of Death

The Doctor dies on the parallel Earth with nothing to help him, and no one to save him. Bullets can’t stop the Cybermen, and firepower is just about all we have. And if that’s ineffective…?

What Happens to Earth

With The Doctor out of the way, John Lumic has nothing stopping him from taking the world by force, and upgrading himself and every last human being. These Cybermen may be from an alternate Earth, but this planet is starting to look an awful lot like Telos…

And there you have it! How I imagine the episode “Rise of the Cybermen” going if The Doctor had died at the end.

We’re all converted, willingly or not. All of us. The age of humanity suddenly becomes the age of machinery.

But it’s to be expected. The Doctor is our life line. If he goes, we go.

And we went. All because The Doctor Died at the End.

Join me on Monday (April 7, 2014) where we’ll finish off this two parter with the second half, called “Age of Steel”.